Let Boys Be Boys
Homeschool Edition

For too many boys, school feels like a game that is rigged against them.

Biologically, boys and girls are different. And, let’s face it…generally speaking, teaching girls is easier. The gifts of boyhood: raw energy, physicality, competition, and aggression present unique challenges.

Psychologist Dan Kindlon notes, “Boys…often by third grade, have already disengaged their energy from the task of learning, tuned out of school, and written it off as a place where they can’t do anything right.”

Many parents realize the problem and are attacking this issue head-on. Is it any surprise that homeschooling is on the rise? In a recent survey the top three reasons parents gave for homeschooling were: special needs, anxiety, and bullying.[1] As leaders of boys in homeschools, churches, and youth organizations, we must recognize and affirm the unique strengths and challenges of boys. We are positioned to instill the principles and character traits that can prepare boys to become successful focused men

But will we?