Thanks for your interest in Starting a Troop!

The electronic information you requested is on the way. If you would like to speak with a volunteer who can answer your questions and help get a Troop started in your community, click here to verify your information and we will connect you!

Next Step: Order a Trail Life Troop Starter Kit!

Are you ready to begin a Trail Life Troop in your community? We have created a Troop Starter Kit with essential materials to familarize yourself with the details of the program, and to share with friends and church leaders as you begin the journey.  After you order the starter kit you will receive intentional emails to walk you through the chartering process and be connected with a local Troop chartering expert. Click here to submit the initial $99 Pre-charter fee and order your Trail Life USA Welcome Kit today!

Your Trail Life USA Starter Kit Includes:

  • Parent and Leader Guide
  • Navigator and Adventurers Handbook
  • Woodlands Trail Handbook
  • Annual Planning Guides (5 volume set)
  • Pastor Flyer
  • Tri-fold Brochure
  • The Trail Life USA Proven Process
  • Core Values Flyer
  • Periodic Table of Advancement Poster
  • Sample Pack of Tracking Cards (9)
  • Sample Advancement Badge
  • Sample Trail Badge Medallion
  • Sample Elective Trail Badge
  • Trail Life USA Cap and more!!!

Bonus:  If you charter the Troop within 90 days of completing the Pre-charter application, you receive a $50 Gift Card in the Trail Life Store!


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